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My Story

JMJdesigns is a small studio (yep, it’s just me) based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Graphic design, illustration and product design form my core business. In my work I combine craftsmanship and new technologies, searching for the perfect balance within my products.

Product Design

2013 - 2016 > HBO > Willem de Kooning Academie

Lifestyle & Design

2012 - 2013 > Propedeuse > Willem de Kooning Academie

Graphic Design

2009 - 2012 > MBO > Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Graphic Design

With my graduation from Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam in 2012 my career as a Graphic designer started! With my experience in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop I can design a specific identity for every client. Whether your business is large or small I can create a corporate design that will suit all your needs.


Since the beginning of 2013 I started to develop my love for Illustration. It all started during a project for which I made a series of flower drawings. During that short period of time my love for botanical drawing bloomed and I further explored it during a drawing class at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. My personal botanical illustrations are a collection of hand made ink drawings, silkscreens and lino prints. These type of illustrations formed the backbone of my graduation project at the Willem de Kooning Academie.

Product Design

In 2013 I started my education as a Product designer at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. During my time at the academy I had work on very diverse projects, working with all sorts of materials and choosing a large array of techniques. In doing so I discovered my love for working with ceramics and textiles. In creating new products I like to combine craftsmanship with new technologies, like 3D-printing and laser-cutting.

All of this accumulated in my graduation project for which I made a ``Long Live the Wild Bee``-kit, that consisted of a ceramic bee hotel, a flower pot, and a hand-illustrated encyclopedia about the 357 species of wild bees living in the Netherlands.

Total Mayhem Games

Artist, April - Present 2017
Studio Lizan Freijsen

Intern Product Design, February - July 2015

Intern Graphic Design, August - December 2011
BOOM communicatie

Intern Graphic Design, January - June 2011
Het Vogelnest

Het Vogelnest, Zaagmolendrift 20 Rotterdam, 1 December 2017 - 15 January 2018. Het Vogelnest is a pop-up store created from friendship and a shared passion. A place for contemporary products made by young designers.

Het Vogelnest Facebookpage
Artist of the Month January

BAEK - Food & Drinks, Rotterdam, 4 - 31 January 2018. As the Artist of the Month I exhibit my hand illustrated watercolour hummingbirds in BAEK - Food & Drinks during the month of January. The installation consisted A6 hummingbird art prints and A2 botanical hummingbird posters. The prints are for sale at my society6 store.

Society6 store
Artist of the Month June

Hostel Ani & Haakien, Rotterdam, 1 June - 2 July 2017. As the Artist of the Month I exhibited my hand illustrated watercolour hummingbirds and Suzy the Cat in Hostel Ani & Haakien during the month of June. The installation consisted of one A2 poster of the hostels cat Suzy, twenty A6 hummingbird art prints and one A2 botanical hummingbird poster. The prints are for sale at my society6 store.

Society6 store
WDKA Finals 2016

Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, 7 – 10 July 2016. An important part of graduating from the art academy is taking part in the graduation exhibition. Students are only allowed to take part if their work is of high standard. With my final project “Long Live the Wild Bee” I managed to draw a lot of attention of visitors who were very interested and saw the commercial potential of my project.

Minor exhibition Public & Private

Slaakhuys Rotterdam, 17 December 2015. 29 Senior students from the Willem de Kooning Acadamy organized an exhibition to showcase the work they created during their minor ‘Public and Private’. Focusing on the theme ‘Moving the Public Universe’ they were questioning the meaning of their experience, the use of it in a different way and placing it in the public universe. For this exhibition I created the “Urbanos Rotta”, a series of ceramic lichen which I planted in different areas of Rotterdam.

Visit the official facebookpage!

De Bibliotheek Rotterdam, 15 February - 1 March 2015. Organized by ROFFAB and De Bibliotheek Rotterdam. Little exhibition with products made with new technologies like Lasercutting and 3D-printing. The exhibition was part of a festive event full of workshops and demonstrations for children between 7 and 14 years old.


Atelier Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week 2014, 18 - 26 October 2014. During the Dutch Design Week designer collective KLASGENOTEN presented their new products made of knitted fabrics. I was one of 19 students that gave redundant fabrics a new life. We brought this material from new textile brand Febrik to a higher level. The finished products ranged from bags to carpets. Producing these products in a period of just 6 weeks and then presenting them at a high profile and well known design event was a great learning experience.










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